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Back to Basics: P2PE Tutorial

Posted by Joe Musitano on Dec 22, 2014 11:50:25 AM

This is the first in our Back to Basics blog series. Monthly, we will deliver a blog post that is meant to take a step back and look at the basic definition of terminology commonly used in the payment processing industry, and briefly detail why it is important to know and understand for your business.

Today, we are discussing credit card security, namely  Point-to-Point Encryption, or P2PE. 2013 marked the first time P2PE was officially listed as available from the PCI Security Standards Council’s website. Basically, P2PE is one of the newest methods for securing card transactions for your customers. When the card holder's data enters merchant's payment systems, as it transits, and all the way to the payment processor, it gets protected through encryption.
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3 Credit Card Security Questions You Must Ask Your Payment Processor

Posted by Jayme Moss on Dec 9, 2014 12:39:58 PM

Do you remember the magic eight ball as a kid?  Does he/she like me? "It is decidedly so!"  Will I pass my exam next week?  "Ask again later." Will the Browns win the Superbowl?  "Outlook not so good."  

But we are no longer in high school, and while some of those questions and answers are still surprisingly relevant, today's questions for merchants should without a doubt be about credit card security.  Because in today's world of card transactions, merchants cannot be too careful.  We are constantly bombarded with news from retailers, both large and small, of hacks and attempts that can cost both consumers and merchants dearly.  It warrants taking a minute to analyze your existing card security, and ensure your payment processor is "on the ball" (no magic required).  

Here are 3 questions every merchant should be asking their payment processor:

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